5 Essential Dog Grooming Tips


    Dog grooming is an essential part of everyday care for your dog; regular grooming will not only keep your dog looking great, but will prevent problems such as oil build up and matting, which can become painful or even cause skin lesions if left untouched. If you are new to grooming your dog at home or simply want to know tips to help you improve the way you groom your dog, take a look at the following 5 essential dog grooming tips to get started.

    Tip: Make regular grooming part of your dog’s routine

    Regular grooming in Chapel Hill is key to ensuring your dog’s coat looks great and isn’t causing any problems for your dog’s skin, but dogs aren’t always receptive to being brushed and combed, especially if it’s done suddenly or isn’t normally a part of your dog’s everyday routine. To combat this problem, you should make regular coat grooming part of the everyday routine for your dog. This will help keep your dog calm and relaxed while grooming, which in turn makes it easier to get done without any fuss or frustration and reduces the chance for accidents when using nail clippers or scissors.

    Tip: Know what brush type is best for your dog

    Not all dog brushes were created equally! The type of brush you use for grooming will depend on your dog’s coat, particularly its length, thickness and texture.  

    • Long coats: Slicker brushes should be used first to remove any tangles or mats; then, a bristle brush can be used to smooth out the tangle-free coat.
    • Thick short coats: Use a slicker brush first to remove any tangles or mats, and then follow with a bristle brush through the tangle-free coat.
    • Smooth short coats: Use a rubber brush first—gently—followed by a bristle brush; you can follow with a chamois cloth rub down to help smooth down the fur and help keep the coat looking shiny.

    Tip: Use dog shampoo

    You should only be using dog shampoo when giving your dog a bath, due to the fact that many ingredients used in human shampoo can be irritating to a dog’s coat, skin, and even their eyes and ears. Dog shampoos are designed with dogs in mind, and contain much milder ingredients.

    Tip: Have the basic tools on hand when you groom

    There are some basic grooming tools that every dog owner should own, regardless of their dog’s breed or coat type. You can purchase a pre-packaged basic grooming tool kit from just about any Pet Supply Store, or you can create your own by mixing and matching grooming tools from your favorite brands. The basic tools you’ll need for standard home grooming are:

    • Slicker brush
    • Bristle brush
    • Comb
    • Shampoo designed for dogs
    • Dog nail clippers; styptic powder should also be on hand in case of accidents

    Other tools may be necessary depending on your dog’s breed/coat type or if you plan on doing anything beyond basic grooming, such as trimming or cutting your dog’s hair yourself.