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6 Proven Ways to Save Money on Video Games


Games have always been an expensive hobby, but in recent years, they are becoming ruinous. However, there are a few secrets that will let you enjoy the latest games but at the same time, you will not have to spend a fortune.

Buy and sell games at the secondary market

This is the most obvious advice that one only can give. Nevertheless, it should not be written off. At the secondary market, even new video games for PS4 and Xbox One can be bought with a nice discount of at least 10-20%. When it comes to older titles, the savings can reach 50%. You should look for such offers on dedicated gaming forums. New games appear there for sale after a while, but your patience will pay off real soon.

You can save even more money if you not only buy games, but if you sell them after finishing them. If you are skillful enough, you can sell a game for the same price you bought it and buy another one with the money. Profit!

Keep an eye on discounts

By analogy with the discounts on mobile applications and games, console and PC games are often offered with a discount as well. If you know where to look, you can find a really decent offer.

Buy games in bundles rather than separately

Cheaper by the Dozen! This advice is more suitable for PC gamers. Publishers often hold sales on the whole series of their games. What’s more, bundles of games with high discounts are regularly on sale at the stores like Origin and Steam.

Buy games by clubbing

The phenomenon of joint purchases emerged relatively long time ago and is very common among certain gamers. A purchased game can be run on multiple consoles and it is completely legal and it does not violate the rules of stores. The procedure, at first glance, is difficult because of the need to comply with the instructions, but on forums where such purchases are made, everything is described in detail. You can find these resources by googling “buying games for three PS4” and “buying games for two Xbox one”

Buy a subscription and get games for free

Both Sony, and Microsoft offer a paid subscription to access online multiplayer and advanced features. In addition, having gotten the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, you will receive two games per month free of charge. It is more than enough for people who do not play that much. The games that are usually given are not the worst ones and they are relatively new. Such subscriptions are not that expensive especially given the price of new games. Overall, it is a very profitable investment.

Exchange your old games with other gamers

Over time, each of us accumulates some games, in many of which we do no play at all so there is nothing wrong about exchanging them with other gamers for new ones.

Summing up, these are our tips on how to save money. In case you still do not have a gaming console, you can purchase video consoles online at any time. What’s more, you can buy a used console, which is quite affordable.