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Are USB Drives Reusable?


USB drives are becoming more used in our daily lives. Having a USB drive on your keychain is more common than ever before. With the advancements in flash technology, more storage can be held on a USB drive at a much cheaper price.


When you are constantly using these flash storage devices, you will run out of space quickly. If you are using a custom flash USB drive as a boot drive, you may think that it is impossible to reuse this USB drive.


However, there are ways in which you can reuse USB drives for many different purposes even after it has been used as a boot drive.


Boot Drive

When using a USB drive as a boot drive, there are certain ways in which you can load a new operating system onto this boot drive or completely recycle this drive altogether.


If you have used a USB drive as a boot drive in the past, you should be able to reformat your drive and use the same software used the first time to partition your drive again.

Alternatively, you can completely reformat your USB drive and reinstall different OS boot files all over again. Reformatting your drive is very simple to do on either Windows or Mac. There is no reason go out and buy a new USB drive when you can simply reformat your existing one.

However, in most cases, you cannot use a USB drive as a boot drive and a storage device at the same time. You either need to format your drive as a boot drive or leave it as a storage device. However, you can reuse your USB drive as a storage device as many times as you need.


How to Transfer Files


Transferring files on your USB drive can be done over and over again without much happening to the flash memory. However, if you are looking for a fresh start on your USB drive, a fresh reformatting will help the speed and accuracy of your flash drive.

When you are looking to reformat your USB drive, it is a very simple thing to do. On windows computers, it is as simple as right-clicking on the icon of your USB drive and clicking on the format option. Simply click the start button, and you are ready to go. On a Mac computer, you will want to start by opening the disk utilities.


On the left side of the menu screen, select your USB drive from the list. Select the erase tab on the top side of the disk utility menu screen. Click on the erase button, and you will have your USB drive formatted.

USB drives are reusable if you know the steps to take in order to reformat drives. Even if you have used a USB drive as your boot drive, you can easily reformat the drive and start using your USB drive as a storage device.

There is no use in purchasing a new drive when you can just reformat your existing one. You can virtually reformat your USB drives as many times as needed.