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Benefits of using ADMS software


Previously load tickets were handwritten and matched manually at initiating and landing sites. It took a lot of time to collect the manual tickets from drivers and match them with the record at hand. And there were a lot of chances for mistakes and errors. It took a lot of time, resources and effort.

But now, software has been developed that feeds information about the driver and the load he is carrying. This information is stored on a website that can then be viewed by any relevant person. This process saves a lot of time and effort. Chances of mistake are almost equal to none.

This software is designed by an ADMS software company. An Automated Debris Management System allows storing the information about debris management accurately. As debris is usually caused as a result of natural or human caused disaster, it is a time to work efficiently and free from the chance of any error. So, the presence of such efficient software like this helps to achieve the purpose.

An ADMS software company usually offers you a free live demonstration where they tell you how to use the software, generate reports, issue tickets, keep the track of loads and generate barcodes.

 This software not only eases the procedures for companies but also helps general public in the long run. As people are terrified in such disastrous situations, immediate solutions are required at such times. As this software speeds up the debris management system, it allows the companies to finish the work in less time hence providing a relief to the people of the area.

Other problems associated with manual working were the tickets lost by the drivers. They may lose it anywhere doing the journey hence creating problem not only for the company but for themselves too. Time is increased and procedures prolonged while looking for the lost ticket and matching the data with the company’s information.

Another problem curtailed with the usage of ADMS is the duplication of tickets. Duplicate tickets were issued previously either by mistake or intentionally hence increasing the workload and costs but now with this software, it is not possible to issue duplicate tickets hence increasing the efficiency of the process.

The technology of GPS used by these companies allows it to keep track of the drivers. In this way, it can not only keep an eye on the drivers so that they do not shirk work or get lost in some accident but helps them to suggest drivers the shorter routes to reach the destination in lesser time.