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Best Dianabol PCT to Run – Nolva&Clomid Dosage Chart


Dianabol discovered in 1957 with the chemical name of Methandrostenolone, is an Anabolic steroid. It has been widely used and accepted by many body builders due to its features of building strength and muscle. Grab more knowhow about the Dianabol PCT routineby visiting here.


You can start at a low dose of taking Dianabol PCT routine of 20-30mg per day for 4-6 weeks which lets you to check how your body is adopting and you can adjust the dose later while you keep a track of its effects and side effects. This dose will also give you muscle gain and strength and keeps side effects minimized. The dose of 20 mg is good for beginners who are worried about taking steroids. Whatever dose you take, you should split it into 3 doses to be taken onein the morning, one before workout and the last one in the evening before sleeping. Experienced people take 70mg or even 100mgto get higher gains in muscle but this does is not recommended.

Post Cycle therapy:

A post cycle therapy is required after taking any steroid. It will help to get your hormones to normal and remove side effects. In a PCT, you need Aromatase inhibitors and SERMS(selective estrogen receptor modulators). After a Dianabol cycle, you can take Letrozoleas am Aromatase inhibitor and Arimidexwill help to reduce the estrogen levels. Nolvadexcan also help to block estrogen from binding with receptors.

Once you have finished with Dianabol cycle, you can also take Clomidat 50mg per day for 3 weeks to get back the natural testosterone levels. Once the PCT is finished, there will be no breaking down of proteins into amino acids which mean you will still have hard muscles with any workout also.

PCT with Nolva or Clomid

Once you are done with Dianabol cycle and if you want to take Nolva or Clomid for PCT, here are the recommended doses:

Nolva: Nolvadex helps the body to get back its normal testosterone levels. It helps to keep the gains and regulates the production of extrogen hormones and avoids side effects.

Start taking Nolva as soon as you finish your Dianabol cycle. Take it 20mg per day for 2 weeks and then 10mg per day in 3rd and 4th weeks.

For strong steroids, you should take 30 mg in week 2, 20mg in week 2 and week 4, 10 mg in week4.

Clomid:Clomid also helps in the same way like Nolva and helps to get your normal testosterone levels back. Start Clomid after 4-8 hours of your last dose of Dianabol.

You can start with 50mg per day for week 1 & 2 and 25 mg per day for week 3&4, incase of regular or mild cycles.

If you have done a harsh cycle, you can take 75mg per day for week 1, 50mg per day in week 2&3, 25 mg per day in week 4.

Remember that dosage any of these drugs depends on the harshness of the steroid that you have used.