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Fashion Trends – Then and Now


We are residing in a world that is surrounded by different things which either has a relation with technology, the most recent gadgets or the current fashion. Fashion today has made its worth felt in every sector of life and it can be categorized under two groups. The first follows the trends of fashion and adopts the same while the second creates style and fashion trends for the others for following them. This can be extended to yet another set of people that have rarely anything to do when it comes to trends in fashion and yet follow their respective style for creating a unique personality thereby adding another style statement to the world of fashion.

Fashion is not merely about hairdos, make-up and cosmetics. This is a sense to create the charisma to look good in just anything that a person wears and this magic will be created by wearing the appropriate accessories that compliments the clothes and the footwear making up a good picture to view. People many a times who cannot afford in purchasing expensive attires to appear their finest in their casual attire, merely present themselves in a sophisticated way and create an aura surrounding it with the confidence to look good. The truth is there are countless types of fashion while trends keep on altering with the seasons. Right from the 60s and 70s up to the current millennium, indeed there has been a tremendous transformation in the thoughts, looks and forms about fashion trends.

Fashion trends-Then and NowFashion during the yesteryears was constrained merely to the celebrities who were enough bold in carrying themselves in front of the public. Gradually, when times started to change, women started to flaunt their style and started draping themselves in different attires such as denims, Capris, skirts and so on and were not merely limited to sarees and salwars. Women began to liberate their freedom and this was visible in their appearance right from the shoes they wore, the bag they carried, or the make-up and hair she wore. Finally the fashion for western outfits was out completely in the open.

In fact, this transformation in people’s attitude was well accepted by the fashionistas, hence a big market had been made for meeting the public demand. Fashion in today’s age creates a new look and with a distinct style. The fashion industry is renowned for its glamour along with the merge of Indian and Western culture and tradition incorporated into the wear which the model showcases.

Women love in experimenting with various textures of materials, hence the designers come up with assorted dresses utilizing every form of clothing. Cotton, crush materials, chiffon, polyester, silk, khadi amid others are the sought after materials today used in different iconoclastic styles and designs. Fashion especially for curvy women has been an interesting topic always. The youth of the current generation is highly practical when it comes to their styling sense for a specific occasion. No matter, be it for a marriage, casual look, party or office wear, they want the finest and believe to appear the best. To attain this, they move a step ahead to ensure that their wardrobe is filled with attires for all forms of occasion.