As Google has recently opened its new Google Singapore location, the company is welcoming more engineers and workers to join its quest for growth. Google opened its first Singapore office almost a decade ago and has since realized the need to build a new headquarters. As it has launched its new building, Google invites Singaporeans to grow with the company.

Thousands of Googlers in Singapore

Google’s new office in Singapore now houses around 1,000 team members. This timely move was made after the clear realization that the community itself needed more room for innovators, developers and thinkers to grow.

This new space will exist as a workspace for Googlers as well as a place to meet and host dignitaries and government officials. Prime Minister Lee and the Minister for Trade and Industry were in attendance for the opening of Google’s new Singapore location.

The Prime Minister is on Board with New Google Office

During the opening, Prime Minister Lee got to try first hand what Google’s new innovation had in store for customers and developers. PM Lee tried the new TiltBrush that allows users to paint in virtual reality. Following the demonstration, PM Lee looked at a virtual illustration of Singapore produced by Ink&Clog.

Looking to the Future from Google’s New Singapore Headquarters

The new Google location in Singapore serves as the official Google headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region. Googlers in Singapore are working specifically to improve marketing, sales and people operations, amongst other departments.

The new headquarters is designed in a way to bring team members of different cultural and professional backgrounds together. The new space was created intentionally to develop a stronger sense of collaboration and teamwork for all Google employees.

Inside the Google Singapore Headquarters

The new workspaces and offices at Google Singapore are created as spaces that will best enhance workers’ productivity.

Around the office, Singapore Headquarters decorates the offices and buildings with images of the “garden city”. Employees are encouraged to decorate their spaces with growing plants and flowers as a way to promote a meditative and lush atmosphere. Each employee has the opportunity to choose and decorate a workspace that is best suited to their individual needs.

Additionally, Singaporeans are encouraged to embrace their culture at work through the celebration of traditional holidays and festivities. Google welcomes shared cultural experiences in the office place.

What the New Headquarters Means for Singapore

The new headquarters is an effort for Google to attract more engineers to come back to the Southeast Asian region to work in Singapore. According to the Vice President Caesar Sengupta, Google’s plan is working and a lot of Singapore engineers are returning to work  at Google Singapore. For those that may be interested in working for Google Singapore, visit the company website to find more information on career opportunities.

As it stands in today’s economy and financial state, Google Singapore is growing and will continue to do so for the next several years. Singaporeans abroad and at home can look forward to a future promising innovation and more job opportunities.

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