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How Social Justice Helps With Everything in Society



Social Justice basically helps out with everything in society. It keeps society as fair as possible for everyone within the communities. Well, it tries…

For example, we are currently in a very rough economy and many people are out of jobs. When job hunting, there may be more people just as qualified as yourself in the lobby with resumes. When you consider all the talented-yet-unemployed people on the streets and compare them to employees at any workplace who try to do as minimal as possible while watching the clock until they can get out of “the Hell-hole” that is work, things don’t seem fair at all. The ungrateful are being paid to do almost absolutely nothing while the needy who are ready and willing to work hard can’t find a job. I’d put money down and bet you’ve got one person in your place of work (or previous employer) that leapt to the front of your mind while reading this.

So, there is certainly room for improvement in the fairness. With minimum wages often being raised, perhaps employers will begin truly looking at their best and worst assets more carefully, and eject the disposable ones. More ideally for all, however, is that more jobs become available for everyone.

Social-Justice-TeamWhat is Social Justice Theory really? What it tries to tackle is to give everyone, regardless of race, religion, or gender, or sexual preference, equal opportunity. So the above example, while unfair, may not be so easily solved by Social Justice.

But the problem is that certain races, religions, genders, and people with certain sexual preferences aren’t getting their fair shake. It seems to be getting better due to social justice but still seems to be a never ending battle.

Racism is still unfortunately around. Discrimination towards a religious group is currently one of the big key parts of Donald Trump’s race as a presidential candidate. Women still have certain aspects in life that treat them lesser than men, arguably. And the gay and trans communities have been struggling and fighting not just for acceptance, but for their right to marry legally. It’s all part of the social justice cohort that needs attention right here in our own backyard. We have to look at our social issues and correct them where we can before we jump on to other cohorts outside of our cities and country.

So, Social Justice Theory should have all of us covered in an unbiased manner, yet you can’t get married in certain places because of whom you’ve chosen as your personal partner. Women are still “slut-shamed” while men are still celebrated for bedding a new person. Radical Muslims have put innocent Muslims within the Western communities at risk out of fear and ignorance – which also happens to put anyone who’s from an east Indian community at risk.

There is definitely room for improvement with implementing Social Justice Theory. Hopefully, eventually, we’ll find a way to get everyone to the point where we all have true equality.