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Pros And Cons of Using Disposable Nappies


Truly, Diapers and Wipes become too much expensive day by day. It’s galling to spend more on things which will get junked after use. Ancients prefer cloth nappies, which are best as a side option. But if you want to protect your baby from itching and rashes, you obviously approach a disposable one. After baby’s birth, he may use around 6 to 12 disposable nappies on an average daily. This will cost you more. Visit www.baby-direct.com.au for reasonable nappies and other essential baby stuff like prams, strollers, baby bags and clothing etc. Whether you’re using disposable nappies or not – being a responsible parent you may think about this. Using disposables have both sides, negative as well as positive. Let’s understand the pros and cons:

Plus points :

  • Disposables are very convenient : Disposables are very convenient as you can use and throw away. They are easy enough to buy from any market, It depends on the brand.
  • Easy transportation : They are light in weight, so they can be easily carried while traveling or attending any occasion. Also, they save valuable time of washing. You can easily dispose. You don’t need to spoil your trip as you’re free from washing and drying those icky nappies.
  • Less bulky : Disposables use to be fit on a baby than reusable diapers.
  • Easy to absorb : Newly available disposable diapers contain high absorbent materials like polyacrylate. This will trap inside layer of nappy and absorb many times its weight in liquid. When polyacrylate gets wet it converts into gel form which will hold the wetness in the process.
  • Take less effort : Disposable nappies can not be used again like reusable nappies. No need to wash them and reuse them.

Apart from pros, using disposable diapers have cons too. Let’s look for the minus points.


Minus points:

  • Impact on environment : If you approach disposable nappies, you’ll continue using them till a baby becomes three years old after birth. Throughout the usage time, you’ll throw 4,000 above used nappies, which will affect the environment and lead to different diseases.
  • Dangerous chemicals : Disposable nappies are not having simple organic material, they contain chemicals(like polyacrylate ) too which can harm baby’s skin.
  • Hard to potty : Some parents argue that toddlers can’t feel the wetness as much with disposable nappies. It feels harder for them to potty train.
  • Skin rashes : Skin rashes occur due to long use of wet diapers in babies. The moisture in the diapers is a perfect place for bacteria which turn the baby’s skin into red, tender and irritating.
  • Costly : Diapers are very costly and a baby uses 7-8 diapers normally in a day. Think, how much it will cost? The cost of these diapers is different depending on the brands you use. And sometimes parents may get confused about choosing the right one for their kid. Many parents believe that it costs more in buying diapers.

Conclusion :

Using such disposables have pros as well as cons. Balanced use may be beneficial for parents and their little ones.

The last point is, try to use washables during days at home and also when the temperature is high enough to dry them effectively. Save money on bad choices. For working mums, using reusable nappies will take more time and efforts. You absolutely can use disposable nappies and reusable nappies in a different situation to get rid of the drawbacks. Like, using disposable ones while going out for a day or only using them during night. And use reusable one while at home to keep your baby neat, clean and rash-free. Choose the best suitable one and let your baby grow up in a healthy environment.