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Put Your Team and Your Customers First


Even though there is no such thing as the “correct way” to lead a business, you’ll find that the overwhelming majority of successful organizations – today, tomorrow, and well into the future – all share a lot of the same leadership principles, with almost all of them embracing the concept of leaders putting the team and the customer first above all else.

Now, it’s true that there are a lot of really smart and really savvy business owner and leaders that don’t really subscribe to this kind of approach, believing that you have to have a more ironfisted approach to win the war of business today.

There is some truth to that – leaders do in fact have to take charge and make sure that all of their subordinates understand that they are the lead dog – but leaders that forget the value of putting the team and the customer first are leaders that have a tough time motivating and a tough time succeeding in the long haul.

By putting your team and your customers at the forefront of your mind and subordinating your goals and your ideals as a leader, you aren’t giving up any of the control or responsibility that you would enjoy but instead are embracing a more “others” focused approach that will help you to come up with more creative and more successful solutions to the daily headache and hassle all businesses have to contend with.

Clients keep the lights on

Even though the old adage “the customer is always right” is definitely not cemented in reality (customers are frequently wrong and you shouldn’t just bend your will to any customer for any reason whatsoever), it is critical to realize that absolutely NOTHING in business is possible without a customer deciding to hand over their hard earned cash for whatever it is you have to offer.

Lights don’t go on, the equipment doesn’t get run, payroll doesn’t get met, and bonuses definitely aren’t paid unless you have clients and customers that are purchasing the products and services that you have available.

By putting the needs and desires of your clients first (above all else) you are able to start seeing transactions through they are always, are able to discover new products and services they would be interested in that your competitors are missing out on, and can come up with unique approaches for marketing and advertising that would have otherwise been skipped over.

This is a real power position for any leader and gives your business and almost unfair advantage in the middle of the world’s most competitive is this environment.

Your mission goes incomplete without your team

By putting your team right behind your client and your customer you are understanding and embracing the fact that all the delegation in the world means absolutely NOTHING if you don’t have a motivated and charged up team behind you ready to all pull in the same direction to make amazing things happen.

When you shift your focus away from everything that “you” are able to create and instead embrace and recognize that absolutely nothing gets done without your team – and that they always end up doing the bulk of the heavy lifting to make your initiatives become a reality – you are better able to motivate, better able to delegate, and better able to lead by example.

This is game changing stuff and absolutely critical for you to succeed today.

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