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Saving Money: One of the Biggest Advantages of Hiring an OnDemand Lawyer


One thing that many business owners will agree on is that the only thing worse than paying a lawyer by the hour when you need them is to pay a retainer when you don’t! Any type of business is vulnerable to lawsuits because they interact with customers or clients. Business owners make mistakes as do their employees. Businesses also grow and change, with legal considerations to be made each step along the way. Some of the most common reasons that businesses hire lawyers are:

  • Prevent Lawsuits from Occurring
  • Negotiate after You are Sued
  • Draft Contracts
  • You Decide to Incorporate
  • Ensure State and/or Federal Compliance
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Applying for a Patent

While these and many more occasions demand legal representation, or at the very least, legal guidance, they aren’t ongoing. Outside GC explains that hiring an on demand lawyer from our services lets you get expert help on day-to-day legal matters at a lower cost than keeping a lawyer on a retainer.”

Special Concerns Related to Employees

There are many different types of legal issues that are related to certain businesses. One type of business might deal extensively with contracts while others must focus more on meeting standards. But one thing that all types of businesses have in common is employees and the issues that surround them.

Some of the most frustrating problems you may encounter in your business involves your employees. A good way to avoid many of them is to have an employment agreement drawn up as soon as a new employee is hired. This is especially true for immigrants working on visas and permanent residence status.

Making the decision to let an employee go can be a difficult one and surrounding issues can turn a firing into a legal battle for you. Issues like mental illness can put the legal ball in the employee’s court and give them rights under the law that you are not aware of. Taking steps to learn your rights and limitations before you act can prevent a lot of problems down the road.

Savings Without Sacrifice

You may feel that relying on an on demand lawyer for important legal device or services is a shaky proposition. After all, keeping he same lawyer for all of your needs will give them a chance to learn more about your business needs. But the quality of legal services you get may actually be quite better. For one reason, the lawyers may be more experienced in some of the areas that are of importance to you. What’s more, on demand lawyer services may mean access to an entire team of lawyers who have expertise in different areas so that you get the expertise you need each time you call.

The main goal of any business is to move forward with as few interruptions as possible. The services of an on demand lawyer can contribute directly to your success while helping you spend less money for legal services that you don’t always need.