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The best buddies for cutting cycles


If you are interested in combining two steroids in order to help you burn fat and reduce calories, then you might be interested in anavar en winstrol combineren. Anavar and Winstrol are thought to be better together because of the results once you combine them. People have also seen similarities between the two, one which is they are both capable of giving you a lean and toned muscle in your body while raising your strength and endurance.

One significant difference between the two is that Anavar costs more than Winstrol; which is why people take Winstrol with Anavar in order to save more money and users have seen better results when they began using the two rather than using each of them alone. If you are interested in knowing more about these two popular anabolic steroids, read on to know why they have been called “partners in crime” by some.

Knowing more about Anavar

Anavar has been called the lady steroid because it is very mild compared to other anabolic steroids, and women are the ones usually using it for their workouts because it is also very safe, though that does not mean that men are not allowed to use it either. It is less of a threat on your liver and less androgenic too, which means users (particularly women) is not prone to virilization. One of its many benefits is that it is often used for reducing excess fat, and the weight that you gain is while using it are muscles. It has been proven not only by professionals but also by amateurs, that it has the ability to make your hard earned muscle permanent while cutting fat from your body.

What about Winstrol?

Winstrol is often used in injection form, though oral forms are also available in the market. But users have reported that the injectable form of Winstrol is more effective compared to taking oral tablets or tinctures. It is mainly used by bodybuilders before competition because it gives their muscles more definition and it makes it look strong too.

Basics of stacking Anavar and Winstrol

You need to know, especially if you are a newbie, that when you stack these together you have to take a lower dose of each. This dosage is 50mg and you should stick to it at first, never exceeding this recommended dosage. If you did not react positively to it, you should lower your dosage, for example, taking 50mg of Anavar while also taking 25mg of Winstrol. Why retain the dosage of Anavar? It is because Anavar is milder compared to Winstrol so you will not have a problem with it. the timeframe for this dosage in order to get the initial results is 4-6 weeks so you have to be patient in order to get what you want.

Both anabolic steroids work best even when they are taken alone, but the benefits that you can get while stacking both together is too hard to pass up. Remember that you need to do a little bit of research first if you want to get the best results while using both in order for you to know if it’s the best cutting/bulking steroids for you.