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The Biggest Benefits of Hand Dryers


Businesses strive to save money whenever possible, especially in regard to those products they could otherwise avoid with newer technology. For example, paper products in the bathroom, such as toilet paper and paper napkins, cost thousands of pounds each year. Although technological advancements have yet to find a replacement for toilet tissue, they have allowed businesses to do away with the need for paper napkins. Rather than choosing paper products to dry hands after guests clean up, they can receive service from a hand dryer.

These products provide a fast and effective means of drying hands after washing without the need for a single napkin. After the cost of initial installation, most businesses see their investment returned within just a few months, especially if they utilised models with high energy efficiency. For this reason and a wide array of others, thousands of businesses across the UK recently decided to make the switch.


The main factor associated with using hand dryers over paper napkins people outside the business consider is the environmental impact. Hand dryers utilise electricity to run, a resource without any limitation in regard to its renewability. Although businesses do not receive electricity for free, they do not reduce any natural resources to receive it.

On the other hand, paper napkins place a heavy toll on the environment, adding to deforestation issues and other problems. For instance, most used napkins enter a landfill, where the waste releases methane into the atmosphere. While many sources of the napkins come from commercial forests regularly replanted, the process of logging, milling, and transporting materials consumes significantly more fossil fuels than the fabrication and transportation of hand dryers. In addition, hand dryers, especially a Warner Howard Airforce hand dryer, live an average of 10 years, saving businesses from the need to constantly buy and restock paper goods.

Save Money

Due to the fact most hand dryers live a minimum of 10 years with proper maintenance, businesses stand to drop hundreds of pounds off their first year without paper goods. After the first year, businesses save thousands across the board by no longer needing to use napkins in their buildings. Guests and employees also tend to use the dryer for a very short amount of time, often leaving before their hands are completely dry. With paper napkins, one person might use three or more to ensure their hands are completely dry.

No matter how you look at it, you stand to save significant amounts of money by switching to hand dryers.

Improve Hygiene

Paper goods do well at their job within a building, soaking up water to effectively dry washed hands and faces. However, this absorbing characteristic can also capture bacteria and other contaminants otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Hand dryers require no physical contact of any kind, allowing guests to feel cleaner after washing their hands, and the hot air provided may also help kill some bacteria left on the skin. Not only do businesses help the environment and expand their budget with this choice, but they also help guests feel more at ease when visiting their buildings for any reason.