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The Many Benefits of Serviced Offices


Many small businesses use serviced offices, as it is a cost-effective solution to maintaining the right business image, and with an impressive list of essential services on offer, the modern business can effectively operate without incurring massive running costs. Virtual office services enable any business to have a prestigious business address, and with telephone answering and message taking services, you can always have your finger on the pulse.

The Right Area

If you are city based, you want an office address in the right part of the city, and if, for example, your business is based in Sydney, there are affordable serviced offices on Sydney’s North Shore area, or if you prefer to be located in the CBD, there are affordable serviced offices available. Image is everything in business and if you want your clients to feel confident, having the right address really helps.

Business Meetings

One of the services offered would be hiring business meeting rooms, which is essential when you need to discuss business with clients, and with all the essential items available, you can conduct your meetings in the comfort of a top notch facility.

Car Parking Facilities

It is important to have car parking facilities, especially when having meetings with clients, and most serviced office providers would have adequate parking facilities not far from their location. This is an essential service and not one to overlook, and with many important meetings to hold, your clients will be afforded the convenience of private parking facilities.

Virtual Office Space

Some small businesses do not require a regular office, and with virtual office services, you can maintain the right image at a fraction of the cost. All your calls can be answered by a professional receptionist, and any messages will be sent via your preferred method, keeping you constantly informed and updated. The huge cost of running your own office is out of reach for many small companies, but with a virtual office in a prestigious area, your business image will not suffer in any way.

Flexible Lease Terms

Ideally, the company would offer a range of lease options, allowing you the flexibility of not committing yourself for a long period of time, which is often impractical for the small business owner. You might only require the use of a meeting room for a single day, or you might be happier with a 12 month lease, and with a range of packages, there will be something just right.

Essential Business Needs

Whatever your business, you will require certain facilities and the right company can tailor a package to suit. You might not be expecting to receive a lot of incoming mail or phone calls, and there is no point in paying for a service you won’t use, which is why there is a range of packages to suit the client.

Modern companies can compete with the best by using a serviced office, and with the right business address, your reputation can only grow.