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The Next Gen Flagships from Google, Pixel 2 series


The Korean giant, Google Electronics is preparing for it’s another launch in the coming days in terms of Pixel 2 series. Yes. It’s the time again to debut new invention and adding them into Google’s inventory. Rumours say that company will soon to launch this Smartphone in the last quarter of the year 2017; however, there is no official confirmation of the dates are flashed from Google Corp.

Overall idea:

Google users are frequently receiving the rumours and speculations about the new flagship, Pixel 2. Google plans to implicate 2 and 2+ into its widespread category of next-gen Smartphones. The rumours about 2 were reached to the market far too early and it says that this next-gen Smartphone will not be having any external storage place. In addition to that, it will be having a non-removable battery.

The changes that Google has brought into its new flagship is somewhat disappointing the fans, but after receiving another update from the speculations that the company perhaps solve the issues, fans got active again. Initial rumours of Pixel 2 say it could carry a bit more weight as compared to Google’s earlier Smartphone models.

Google Pixel 2 is all set to pack several advanced technologies and serve the demands globally. Reports say that Google will utilize the new Exynos 8890 processor in 2. However, there are several reports flashed in the news that Google Pixel 2 will being benchmarked with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, the first ever chipset. It seems that Google’s new flagship of non-LTE model packs 3GB of RAM whereas the LTE-enabled variant uses 4GB of RAM.

Earlier speculations say that Google is toying with the HTC M8 idea of dual-sensor camera style, while there is no additional information about this till date. Recent report says that, Google is planning and working on two Pixel 2 models, 2 & 2+. Among them, one is coming with a 5.2inch display screen size whereas another one is coming with 5.8 inch display screen size. Of which it means it will give you a chance to put your hands on phablet.

Astounding Specs of Google Pixel 2:

Android lovers will see an updated version of it in the 2 as it receives support from Android version 7. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is the miraculous update that can amplify the handling performance stupendously. Moreover, people will have Adreno 530, 2560*1440 pixels display and a 5.7inches of display screen size that will give you a better visibility experience.


The Pixel 2 is lucky to have a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM. Of which it ensures tremendous yet faster processing speed. Moreover, people will get a 16 megapixels of primary camera and a five megapixels of secondary camera that will give the fans a high-tech platform to capture the videos as well as photos/images. It is anticipated that, the new flagship, Google Pixel 2 will bring the flexible touch screen Smartphone experience to the hands of its users. Therefore, there is no match at all in terms of specs and features. So, you can consider it as one of the must-have Smartphones if you are fine with its price.