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Vaping – A healthier Alternative to Tobacco


Most cigarette smokers agree that tobacco causes major heart and lung diseases, and they realise the habit will shorten their lives, perhaps significantly, and yet they continue to smoke tobacco. The reason for this is nicotine addiction, a key ingredient of tobacco, and it is ingested when a person inhales tobacco smoke, along with all the harmful toxins that poison the body. Of course, there are those who had a moment of clarity, and coupled with copious amounts of willpower, simply quit smoking, and there are those who have no desire to quit smoking, but would rather change what they inhale.


E-cigarettes evolved because of the need to have a nicotine-based product for people who wish to stop smoking tobacco, and find a healthier way to ingest nicotine. Vaping is now very popular, as it gives the user the ability to finely control the amount of nicotine delivered, and with some truly amazing flavours, your taste buds are in for a treat. For more detailed information about vaping, visit https://www.x2cigs.com/, where you can order a starter kit and quit tobacco smoking once and for all.

No smoke

Vaping is the inhalation of vapour created by heating a liquid, which contains several substances, including nicotine. Propylene Glycol is required for the vapour, and basically carries the added flavour to the e-liquid by holding it in suspension. A derivative of vegetable oil, vegetable glycerine is present in e-liquid, which gives the vapour thickness, and its sweet taste is harmless.

The nicotine

E-liquid comes in a wide range of nicotine levels, there are flavours that contain no nicotine, for those who like to vape and have never smoked tobacco. Then you have mild, medium, and high levels of nicotine. Many tobacco smokers start vaping with high levels of nicotine, and gradually, over a period of months, will reduce this to zero nicotine, while still enjoying the pleasures of rich tobacco tastes. The e-liquid range allows for everyone to enjoy vaping, and with some amazing flavours, you won’t be disappointed.

Socially acceptable

Vaping is considered safe, and it is an accepted social practice, so you are not segregated as cigarette smokers are, with no smoking the policy in almost all public areas. Tobacco smokers are slowly being forced into giving up the habit, and vaping is a healthy alternative that millions of people are benefitting from, as it allows the user to control the level of nicotine ingested, while causing no harm to third parties.

The saving

Apart from the obvious health benefits, one sees savings in the pocket too, as after the initial equipment purchase, you are only buying e-liquid, and this is never wasted, unlike cigarettes that burn whether we are inhaling or not. For a typical tobacco smoker, vaping results in significant savings, and is a major reason why people make the switch.

Vaping has many benefits, and millions of former tobacco smokers are living a healthier, more fulfilling life, thanks to e-cigarettes.