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What is Asbestos Survey Demolition Re-Inspection and How Does it Work?


The asbestos survey demolition re-inspection is a one of a kind survey that is carried by a competent professional who monitors and presents records of any form of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) present earlier in the premises. This is important because just like buildings even the ACMs have the potential to cause degradation and damage.

When an asbestos product degrades it further triggers health hazards, hence their presence should often be inspected in regular intervals so as to make sure that the condition has not deteriorated with time.

What is a Demolition Asbestos Survey?

The demolition asbestos even known as the TYPE-3 asbestos survey is a common survey conducted before performing alternations in any structure in the form of demolitions, refurbishment or upgradation.  The aim of this type of survey is to

  • Ensure that the areas affected by asbestos are precisely inspected
  • Review the project proposal along with the asbestos register
  • Perform targeted inspection for locating concealed Asbestos Containing Materials and
  • The survey report provided supports the project work, ensuring that no one is affected by the presence of asbestos.

The work of the surveyor is to locate and identify any form of ACM before the structural work proceeds at a specified premises or equipment. This includes potential impact and destructive inspection ACM too.

Depending upon the intensity and the type of asbestos, the work of the surveyor can even be accompanied by asbestos removal contractor or sampling and analyst. The area that would be surveyed should always be vacant and left suitable to perform the usual operations of the survey. The records of the TYPE-2 or Management Survey can be useful for the process. As, these records can give a brief idea about the presence of the harmful compound and even its intensity at particular points.

How Does Asbestos Survey Demolition Re-Inspection Work?

Re-inspection refers to the process of re-inspecting or re-examining a particular premises or equipment which has been surveyed before. Therefore, for carrying out asbestos survey demolition re-inspection it is important to conduct an survey prior, as the records of the earlier survey would be used in the process of re-inspection.

In the process of re-inspection the surveyor makes use of the information, records and other evidences that had been collected before, and then verifies the same with current scenario that they are able to discover. The re-inspection would include both new as well old reports, indicating whether the impact of asbestos has increased or reduced.

Who Should Go For Re-Inspection Survey?

Often it is seen that in case of demolition/refurbishment survey the surveyor examines and makes the client aware of the level of asbestos along with the ways to prevent alternation in ACMs. Despite of taking innumerable precautions, there are still chances of ACMs alternation which increase the level of toxicity created by asbestos fibers making the individuals near the premises or equipments prone to asbestos attack.

Though frequent asbestos survey demolition re-inspection you can be able to trace the presence of asbestos, ensuring optimal safety and security!