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What you need for a basic electronic circuit?


You just found out about your new electronic passion but you don’t know where to start? Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find out about the basic electronic components that you will need to begin with. Entering this world can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but after you start to feel comfortable around electronic components you will feel like you don’t want to leave this passion again. Before starting you will need a few parts so you should visit oemsecrets.com to compare prices for electronic parts and get them at the best prices.

At first, you will find resistors everywhere but you won’t be exactly sure what they are doing and why are there. Their main goal is to control the voltage in your circuit. They are extremely useful because they are resisting current and they are giving you control above the voltages inside your circuit.

A capacitor can be charged and discharged like a battery so you can think of it as a really small battery. It is often used to delay some operations in your circuit. They are divided into polarized and non-polarized capacitors. The most common use is to remove noise.

A light emitting diode (LED) is a part that emits light. You can see them everywhere around you, starting from your mobile phone, TV, and laptop. They are used for feedback inside your circuit or just for fun. You can find different powered LEDs with different colors at pretty low prices.

One of the hardest element to understand at first is a transistor. It basically works like a switch powered by an electric signal. It is not the classic switch with on and off, it’s more like a switch that lets you dim the light. A small amount of current controls a bigger one and it can be used to build amplifiers for example.

An inductor is just a coil of wire. You can buy one or you can make one yourself by looping a wire. They create a magnetic field around them and it’s most often used for filters and oscillators.

An integrated circuit consists of an electronic circuit made really small. It can contain anything as long as it is integrated into a chip. An amplifier, a microcontroller or a radio transmitter, all can form integrated circuits.

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