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Why download Spotify versus the competition


There are only 3 known music apps out there, iTunes, Google Music and Spotify. The others people can no longer even mention without thinking hard. We all know about iTunes and Google Music but do you still use them when you already have a Spotify?

People that used Spotify can quickly tell you that they no longer use any of those. For a good reason (many reasons really) Spotify has all the things that you need that can keep you hooked and to keep you from using it. Google Music and iTunes may have its strengths but what are those when you have Spotify?

Price: The price is reasonable, considering the millions of music that you can listen personalize, share and even download at your disposal. It’s a steal really and with still so many music being updated you will certainly feel that you got more than your money’s worth for its subscription.

Well built: Obviously the app is very well thought off, every details contributes to a better user experience that made it the music app of choice for most people. You can even memorize your swipe in the app and you will still get the music that you love in your playlist even when your eyes are closed. That app is not so simple but it is fairly easy to use and navigate that even a person that is trying to use it for the first time will certainly feel right at home.

Audio quality: The free version has a standard audio versus the premium ones. If you have a premium you will have the option to download your favorite music in lower or higher quality, but of course, the higher quality will take more space versus the regular one. Spotify’s audio quality is undeniable one of the bets in the business right now, if you are a kind of person that likes to listen to music in great details and you have a good memory on your device you will appreciate the music that Spotify is offering.

Library: With millions of music that gets being added every single day you will surely appreciate the wide selection of songs, artists, and albums that you can search, listen, download and share at your disposal. One of Spotify’s strength is the number of music available for the people that use the app. Doesn’t matter what type of listener you are, if you are musically inclined or not if you’re busy, down and even just plain bored there’s certainly a music and a playlist that you can find on Spotify that you will surely love.

With so many things going on with this app it’s hard not to download Spotify, love it and experience its offerings that people are raving about. We can always compare Apple’s music app and even Google versus Spotify and the truth of the matter is they all are almost the same. All have strengths and weaknesses that some are good at so it all boils down to a matter of preference. But you got to Admit for Spotify to be on par with these big Apps from big corporations including the number one tech company currently in the world is overwhelming.